About Infotainment

Are you keen to learn the nuances of digital marketing on the internet and are you driven by curiosity about how the internet works? Then our interactive course on Digital Marketing and SEO at Global Digital Care is just the right course to enroll in! Of late, Digital Marketing is growing rapidly in the world of technology; it is a combination of advertising and marketing tips to promote your businesses online. Digital Marketing offers a wide range of opportunities for those who are passionate about using technology to promote businesses online.


Our custom trainings are suitable for teams of every scale of business. Whether you are a Startup, Medium or Large enterprise, we can custom-design a Program based on your unique requirements. We have already trained some of the world’s most well known digital and traditional brands across Marketing, Sales, Social media, Web Analytics and Online CRM. We have trained at all functional levels, from the beginner level executives to the CXO level strategy makers..

About the Infotainment:

1. Identify ways to market the app to peer groups.
2. Come up with interesting online/offline to promote SocialMob.
3. Relationship building with our online community by maintaining Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other media accounts.
4. Assist our Director of Social Media Marketing in building and presenting social media strategy and content.
5. Plenty of additional opportunities in related projects.