About Us

Digital marketing has become the core of any successful marketing strategy. Gone are the days when you could just do direct mail, billboards, or telemarketing. Today, people don’t want to be interrupted with marketing – they want to be marketed to when they are in need of the product. In fact, studies have shown that outbound marketing strategies (such as direct mail) are far less superior to inbound marketing strategies (such as Search Engine Optimization) in bringing in leads. Not only that, inbound and digital marketing strategies have a much higher ROI. This allows your business, no matter its size, to scale at a rapid pace – bringing in more leads and more sales. But how you go about creating a digital marketing plan? That’s where we come in. Here at Digitalux we focus on one thing — getting you results. Other agencies like to use fancy buzzwords like “clickability” and “growth hacking” to make you think they’re working for you, when they’re really just selling snake oil and cashing your checks.


We focus on each and every business personally no matter how big or small is the size of the business to be promoted. Every business that comes up for promotion is studied thoroughly including its objectives so that the suitable marketing plan could be designed for the web promotions, fulfilling all their requirements copiously. We are a team of expert promoters who have in depth knowledge of web marketing and they deal with each business in proficient manner leaning each and every detail about the business and planning the promotion layout accordingly. A web promotion would not turn out to be effective without proper search engine optimization services, for which a proficient web marketing company is required.


We specialize in 360 degree marketing services through which the promotion work is carried on aptly resulting in maximum result in minimum time. We measure what we do, and with measured inputs we successfully deliver the worth for the money and time that our clients spend on us. Our quality of services possesses an unmatched scope as we specialize in factors that play a prominent role in promoting a business online. Global Digital Care would fulfill all your business’ digital dreams by making it get the required popularity through which maximum traffic could be brought to the website. Shake hands with our expert team of promoters and you would definitely see a change in your ranking resulting in profit to your business and overall development of the industry for which you are working.